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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Psychology majors receive a broad science-based education about the ways in which psychology explores and explains the human mind and behavior, with emphasis on current theory, research and applications. Students develop mastery and integration of vocabulary and theory, as well as critical thinking and analytic skills, through quality educational experiences enriched with technology and diversity.

As part of our educational mission, encouragement and support are provided for research and scholarship by both the faculty and the student body. These activities are designed to foster professionalism, enhance opportunities, and prepare students with a strong academic background to pursue graduate education and/or immediate employment and service in the community.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in both traditional and online formats. The B.S. degree program in Psychology was the first bachelor’s of psychology in the state of Louisiana to be offered completely online. The program also includes optional concentrations in substance abuse counseling (392B) and prevention specialist (392C). 




Psychology Major Requirements: (48 semester hours) Students seeking a major in psychology must complete 48 semester hours of psychology courses, within the 120 semester hour psychology curriculum, which includes: Psychology 1010, 2040, 2050, 2430, 3010, 3020, 3050 or 3060, 4400, 4410,4440, 4450, 4470, 4510, 4830 (Senior capstone course) and two Psychology/Addiction Studies electives as approved by the advisor. Special requirements: Orientation 1010, Science 1010 or Chemistry 1030 or 1070; Biology 1010 -1011 and one sequence from Biology 2220- 2221 or 2230 - 2231. Majors may not count any grade in a psychology course lower than C towards the psychology major curriculum.

Related Concentrations:

Substance Abuse Counselor Concentration Requirements: (12 semester hours) Psychology 4700, Social Work 4800, Criminal Justice 4500, and Health Education 4600.

Prevention Specialist Concentration Requirements: (12 semester hours) Psychology 4700, Management 2500 and 3220, and Health Education 3000.

Minor Requirements:

Psychology Minor Requirements: (21 semester hours) Psychology 1010, 2430, 4400, 4410, 4450, 4510, and three semester hours of Psychology electives.

Addiction Studies Minor Requirements: (18 semester hours) Addiction Studies 1010, 2050, 2430, 3010, 3020 and 4510.

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