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A bachelor’s degree in psychology or addiction studies offers an overall understanding of the human mind and the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing job fields. The master’s program in clinical psychology provides training for students entering the workforce or going on to a doctoral program. Psychology graduates work in a variety of fields and settings including mental health, human resources, etc., while advanced education will open paths toward clinical practice and research. Addiction Studies graduates typically work as Addiction Counselors.

Degree Offerings

A bachelor’s degree in addiction studies offers an understanding of the human mind, addictive behaviors, and advances in addiction counseling.  Students have the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing job fields. Addiction Studies graduates typically work as Addiction Counselors.

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The bachelor’s in psychology offers students the flexibility to gain an overall understanding of the field or specialize in several areas.  There is great demand for graduates with psychology degrees. Employers need people with communication skills; the ability to collect, organize, analyze and interpret data; and an understanding of human behavior.

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The Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology is designed for students who plan to continue doctoral training in Clinical Psychology or seek clinical employment at the M.S. level.  The emphasis is on clinical assessment, theory, application, and research.

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Psychology Minor Requirements:(21 semester hours) Psychology 1010, 2430, 4400, 4410, 4450, 4510, and three semester hours of Psychology electives.

Addiction Studies Minor Requirements: (18 semester hours) Addiction Studies 1010, 2050, 2430, 3010, 3020 and 4510.


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