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Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (552)

The Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology is designed for students who plan to continue doctoral training in Clinical Psychology or seek clinical employment at the M.S. level.  The emphasis is on clinical assessment, theory, application, and research.  The M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology requires 42 hours of course work, comprehensive examinations, an empirical thesis or paper-in-lieu, and a 300 hour practicum.  The therapy course has accompanying practicum which provide applications and “hands on” experiences associated with the specific course content.

MS in Clinical Psychology Student Handbook: Graduate Handbook

Other program information:

Find out more about applying at the NSU Graduate School.

The applicant must submit a an autobiographical statement, three recommendations, official transcripts, and GRE scores (Verbal and Quantitative). Applicants will also be evaluated on the basis of personal attributes, which are assessed through the required personal interview. It is expected that applicants will have a background in psychology at the undergraduate or graduate level and must have a minimum of 18 credit hours in psychology at either of these levels (or will complete these credits prior to beginning the program).

The program accepts an average of 12 students and up to 30 students per year for Fall enrollment.

Regular Admission
Admission with Regular Status into the program requires:

  • GPA of at least 3.0
  • GRE of at least 290 (combines verbal and quantitative)

Conditional Admission
Conditional admission to the Clinical Psychology program may be granted for the first nine semester hours of approved graduate study for students with:

— GPA of at least 2.5, but less than 3.0 and a GRE of at least 290 (combined verbal and quantitative)


— GRE of at least 280 (combines verbal and quatitative), but less than 290 and a GPA of at least 3.0

Conditional status in the Master’s degree program may be changed to regular status by earning nine semester hours of approved graduate degree credit at Northwestern State University with a grade of “B” or better in all graduate work. Failure to achieve regular status after nine grauate semester hours will result in suspension from the program.

Students interested in applying to the program should follow the proceeding process:

1. The following information must be sent by the applicant to the Office of Graduate Studies at Northwestern State University:

  • Graduate application and payment of the nonrefundable $25 application fee. The application may ONLY be completed online at: Apply for Graduate School Admission
  • Graduate assistantship application at: Graduate Assistantship Application (optional)
  • Self-statement: 500 words, double-spaced, typed essay that discusses your personal goals and reasons for wanting to earn a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, particularly from Northwestern State University.
  • Three letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes with the signature of the recommending person written across the seal and addressed to:
    The Graduate School
    Caspari Hall Room 123
    Natchitoches, LA 71497
  • Applications are accepted on an on-going basis; however, March 15 is the deadline for priority selection. Review of materials and admission into the program after that date will depend on the availability of openings.

2. Official transcripts of all colleges and universities previously attended should be sent directly from the college or university to the Office of Graduate Studies at Northwestern State University. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with 18 hours in psychology, including at least three hours from each of the following areas: statistics, abnormal, and experimental.

3. The General Aptitude Section of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required and applicants must instruct the Educational Testing Service to forward the scores to the Office of Graduate Studies. Northwestern State Univerisity’s institutional code is 6492.

4. All applicants, for whom English is a second language (ESL), are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Test of Spoken English (TSE). The scores must be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies at Northwestern State University. Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted directly by the Director of Clinical Training. The applicant will be provided information about the interview process at the time of that contact.

Graduate assistantships are available to a limited number of graduate students who are regular status. While the department of psychology attempts to request all clinical psychology students to be assigned to the Department of Psychology, these positions are assigned to various academic support services, academic offices, program support, faculty research support, and other university offices. The students awarded assistantships receive $12,000 for working 20 hours per week from August to May.

Work times are scheduled by the supervisor and the assistant. Assistantships are awarded for the academic year for the fall semester, but students can receive an assistantship for the spring semester if positions are available.  Assistantships are renewable for a second year upon successful evaluation by the supervisor.  Renewal from year to year, however, is not automatic. Applicants may complete the application for graduate assistantship if invited to interview for the program.

The Clinical Psychology faculty are committed to provide an effective, comprehensive, and rigorous program in Clinical Psychology to the students so that they are prepared, knowledgeable, and competent upon completion of the program.  For that reason, the curriculum is continuously evaluated with adjustments made when necessary.  Students are current required to complete 42 credit hours to earn the M.S. degree.

For a complete listing of all course desriptions, please see the NSU University Catalog.

The following is a list of courses required for the master’s degree in clinical psychology:


PSYC 5100  Psychological Research:  Statistics (3)
PSYC 5120  Psychological Research:  Method and Design (3)
PSYC 5200  Theories of Psychotherapy (3)
PSYC 5250  Psychological Intervention and Therapy (3)
PSYC 5260  Practicum I:  Psychological Intervention and Therapy (6)
PSYC 5270  Practicum II:  Psychological Intervention and Therapy (3)
PSYC 5300  Intellectual Assessment (3)
PSYC 5320  Personality Assessment (3)
PSYC 5400  Family and Group Therapy (3)
PSYC 5750  Psychopathology (3)
PSYC 5950  Psychological Research:  Application (3)
PSYC 5980  Thesis OR an Approved Elective (3)
PSYC 6000  Ethics & Professional Conduct (3)



* The sequence of courses is subject to change depending on availability of faculty.

**PSYC 6000 is often offered in the Spring semester of the first year.

Transfer of Credit

A maximum of twelve (12) semester hours (one third of the total program semester hours) with grades of at least B (3.0) and relevant to the planned program may be transferred into the master’s program.  Transfer credits must be approved by the Clinical Director, Department Chair and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Scholarship Alert!

The link below is a minority fellowship program for Addiction Counselors.  It is a scholarship opportunity for masters students who plan to work in the field of addiction and/or advocacy groups.  Student must be open to working with the needs of transition age youth and/or racial and ethnic minorities post-graduation.  The program is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and will provide at least 36 graduate students with tuition stipends up to $20,000 per student, training, and mentorship: